Cute Good Night Texts Messages for Him and Her

Cute Goodnight Texts: By this content We share some sweet goodnight texts messages for wish your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend and any secret love ones. Good Night Wishes Messages contains the best texts messages, wishes and quotes for him and her. It is sweet, lovely and always special to get a good night text messages from your loved one just as you are going to bed. The night is a very special period for express your love. By sending sms with good night texts and messages is the better way for express your lover that how much love him or her.

Good Night Texts Messages

Below is a great collection of brand new romantic good night texts messages and images that will send you with your lover. Good Night beautiful people!

Good Night Texts Messages for Her

1. Sweet dreams, my queen, my love and my beginning to end. Sleep well and dream of me. Good Night my Love!

2. You are the world to me. Everything that I see helps me to remember you. Never forget just how much you mean to me. GN!

3. Tonight, tomorrow and forever, you are in my heart. Sweet dreams, delightful.

4. I wish my heart would be a bit of paper with the goal that it could rest in your arms.Goodnight!!!

5. Reading this messsage, make a cute and big smile on your face so that everything may be right. Good Night Love.

6. I can hardly wait any more extended for the night when you would in my arms.Good Night!!!

7. I generally dream to have night with you and wake up with you. Good Night.

8. I want you to stay with me tonight, so that you can comfort me when I have bad dreams. Goodnight my dear.

9. I couldn't fall asleep unless I told you how much I love and miss you – love you and goodnight!

10. You are the sweetest thing, and I love you. Good Night!!!

11. I have you and just you in my heart. Sweet Dreams...

12. Looking at the moon always make me smile because seeing the moon, i consider you. Good Night Love!

13. This instant message is an hug to you. Good Night.

14. Have you looked at the moon tonight? It’s almost as gorgeous as you are. Good Night!!!

15. I never wish anything from my life until you are with me. Good Night Baby!!!

16. Much the same as how the sun rises regardless, I also can't avoid you since I miss you a great deal. Gud Night!!!

17. This text message is an official welcome for you to go along with me in my fantasies. Good night sweetheart.

18. GoodNight! I might miss you till morning.

19. Hello-Would you be able to sleep? I can't sleep either. Maybe we should sleep together.

20. My dreams, memories and goals just make them thing in like manner: you. You are all that matters, and you are my whole world.

Good Night Texts Messages for Him

21. Each night, I wish that I could be an owl. On the off chance that I could change into an owl, I would fly up to your window and look at all of you night as you dream. I wish you were here with me.

22. My night is never completed without reminding you that you mean everything to me. Good Night.

23. Get warm and most earnest love from me to you. I Love you sweetheart. GN!...

24. I'm sending this message to bring you kisses this night. How I wish I could be beside you. Have a cheerful and sweet night. Good Night!!!

25. I can’t sleep, because I’m too excited about seeing you tomorrow.

26. I need to be in your arms every night. Good Night!!!

27. I wish I had my head on your chest instead of this pillow. GN!!!

28. My bed is much more comfortable when you’re in it. Miss You!!!

29. My bed feels so empty and big and uncomfortable without you in it. Good Night.

30. I’m sending you a goodnight kiss through message. Did you receive it? GudNight!!!

31. You’re in my everything tonight, tomorrow and forever. Sweet dreams my love!

32. Good night, sleep tight, I will be dreaming of you with all my might.

33. The night is not forever, but our love is! Good Night!

34. Goodnight, my world, my love, my everything. Sleep tight and dream of your princess.

35. The night is not always, but rather our affection is. Good Night Love.

36. Tonight, I'll fall asleep with you in my heart!

37. Every day I love you more than yesterday. Nice dreams. GN!

38. Good night and delicious dreams. Good Night my Love.

39. Tonight, I'll fall asleep with you in my heart! Good Night!

40. Love is the more special emotions, I dream each night about you I need to catch your heart... I Love you. Good Night!

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